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Why must Shadowsocks server

This is a benefit of using shadowsocks, and why should you use our server's shadowsocks?

What is the mechanism behind Shadowsocks?

Shadowsocks employs a method known as proxying, which allows you to fool firewalls into thinking your connection is valid and safe.

Is Shadowsocks a VPN?

In simple terms, NO! Shadowsocks is not a virtual private network. Many people may mistake Shadowsocks for a VPN because Shadowsocks is frequently referred to as Shadowsocks VPN on certain tech websites.

Open VPN vs. Shadowsocks Who wins?

Users establish separate Shadowsocks connections, which is why the traffic generated does not appear suspicious to the GFW or other firewalls, allowing easy access to banned content.


Shadowsocks uses proxy technology, so it won't slow you down as much as a VPN would.

SSH Tunnel and VPN Tunnel

SSH/VPN technology uses a work system by encrypting all of the data that goes through a public network that controls data.